Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid tech grade, food grade

Phosphoric Acid tech grade, food grade

Phosphoric Acid tech or food grade:

Chemical formula: H3PO4   Cas No.:7664-38-2

Specification: 75%, 85% tech grade, food grade.

Properties: colorless transparent thick fluid. Sg 1.70.

Industrial or tech uses: used to produce all kinds of phosphate, most are used as polishing agent in electroplating, rust inhibitor for copper and ircon, decontanminant in printing industry, catalyst in organic synthesis; widely used in detergent, coating, pharmaceutical, water treatment, mental surface treatment, rubber, feed, building material, plastic additive, and other industries.

Food  Uses:use as clarifying agent, acidity regulations in food and beverage, as nutritionof yeast, used to produce food grade phosphate

Phosphoric Acid guaranteed Technical Specifications:

NO. Index name Tech grade Food grade
1 Phosphoric acid % 75/85 75/85
2 Chloride(as CI) max 50ppm 5ppm
3 Sulfate(as SO4) max% 0.05 0.005
4 Iron Fe max%= 0.01  
5 Arsebuc (as As) max%   0.5ppm
6 Heavy metals(as Pb) max%   5ppm
7 Fluoride(as F) max 5ppm 10ppm
8 Easy oxidated substance H3PO4 max 0.2 0.012

Packing:plastic drum, Net wt 35kg.